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Optima Steel International is open, with all Sales and Staff working remotely. To get in touch with any OSI contact, please call their direct office line, as all lines have been forwarded. If you need assistance reaching any OSI contact, please call 925-338-2300.

Professional Team

Yanira Albert

Account Administrator

D: 925-338-2302

Mrs. Albert joined Optima (then Oxbow) in November 2012 as a Claims Assistant in the California office. In June 2016, Yanira became an Account Administrator handling orders and assisting sales personnel. Yanira enjoys artwork, drawing, anime, and soundtrack music.

Dixie Burgos

Inventory Accountant

D: 561-200-0088 X 207

Saima Chowdhury

Cost Accountant

D: 561-200-0088 X 210

Ms. Chowdhury joined Optima in June 2019. She is currently part of the Accounts Payable Department in the Florida office. Saima graduated from Florida Atlantic University, where she earned a B.A. in Health Administration. In her spare time, Saima enjoys going to the gym and spending time with family and friends.

Michael Cooper

Account Administrator

D: 724-452-1623 X 222
C: 814-724-9397

Mr. Cooper joined Optima (then Oxbow) in November 2009, and works in the Pennsylvania office. Michael attended Youngstown State University and earned a B.A. in Communications. He has over 25 years’ experience in the steel business, having started in 1992. In his free time, Michael loves to research American history, barbeque at Coop’s Smokehouse, listen to old-time radio detective shows, watch Crimson Tide football, and listen to Cheap Trick and Foo Fighters.

Jennifer Domencic

Account Administrator

D: 724-452-1623 X 242

Mrs. Domencic joined Optima in February 2018. She is currently a part of the Pennsylvania office and is training and learning from her co-workers. Jen attended Duquesne University and received a Finance degree and went on to earn an M.B.A. from Robert Morris University. In her free time, Jen enjoys raising her four boys with her husband, and watching many baseball games, soccer games, cross country races, and track and field events.

Jennifer Esakson

Account Administrator

D: 925-338-2314

Mrs. Esakson joined Optima (then Oxbow) in June 2012. Jennifer, a former ice hockey player, is very competitive and enjoys Crossfit and playing cornhole. Most notably, she was the 2015 ACO California State Women’s Cornhole Champion. Jennifer is a mother of two beautiful daughters and enjoys watching the Giants and the Sharks with her husband.

Heather Forbes

Account Administrator

D: 925-338-2315

Kiara Govender

Office Administrator

D: 561-200-0088 X 209

Ms. Govender joined Optima in the Florida office in May 2019. She was born in South Africa and moved to Florida at the age of 5. Kiara graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a B.A in Anthropology and continues to foster her passion for anthropology by staying up to date on academic journals in the field. She enjoys being outdoors, hiking, drawing, and spending time with her Northern Blue-Tongue Skink named Huxley.

Dan Haynes

Quality Manager

D: 925-338-2308
C: 925-408-2887

Micaela King

Claims Administrator

D: 724-452-1623 X 229

Ms. King joined Optima in January 2019. She is currently a part of the Claims Department in the Pennsylvania office. Micaela graduated from Clarion University where she earned her B.S in Communications. In her spare time, Micaela enjoys hiking, kayaking, and enjoying good company around the campfire.

Jennifer Lopez

Account Administrator

D: 925-338-2312

Joellyn Morgan

Account Administrator

D: 724-452-1623 X 221

Ms. Morgan joined Optima in April 2019 as an Account Administrator in the Pennsylvania office. Prior to joining Optima she owned her own hair salon for 11 years. Joellyn has two children who have graduated from college and are happily situated in their own careers. Joellyn is excited about this new opportunity and is thankful for the wonderful team she is working with. In her spare time she likes to walk her dogs and spend time with her family.

Corei Myers

AP Supervisor

D: 561-200-0088 X 211

Mr. Myers joined Optima in July 2013. He is currently a part of Accounts Payable in the Florida office. Corei attended Florida Atlantic University and earned a B.B.A. in Accounting.

Travis Peterson

Account Administrator

D: 724-452-1623 X 238

Mr. Peterson joined Optima in July 2016. He is currently a part of the Pennsylvania office. Travis attended Penn State Behrend where he earned a B.S. in Project and Supply Chain Management. In his free time, Travis enjoys hunting.

Jake Polcyn

Accounts Receivable/Cost Accountant

D: 561-200-0088 X 204

Mr. Polcyn joined Optima in November 2013 and currently works in the Accounting Department in the Florida office. Jake graduated from Hilbert College with his B.S. in Accounting. Being a Western New York native, he hopes one day to see snow flurries in southern Florida.

Andrew Reiner

Account Administrator

D: 724-452-1623 X 227

Mr. Reiner joined Optima in June 2017, and is a part of the Pennsylvania office, working closely with the Eastern Sales Team. Andrew is a graduate of Geneva College, where he earned a B.A. in Communication, and currently resides in western Pennsylvania with his wife. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys basketball, running, and gardening.

Patty Richard

Account Administrator

D: 724-452-1623 X 225

Mrs. Richard joined Optima in April 2017, and is a part of the Pennsylvania office. She attended ICM Business School. Patty lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two daughters. She enjoys traveling and scrapbooking.

Sheri Ridgley

Senior Account Administrator

D: 724-452-1623 X 230
C: 724-553-1861

Mrs. Ridgley joined Optima (then Oxbow) in January 2011. She is currently responsible for handling accounts and managing the Pennsylvania office. In her free time, Sheri enjoys spending time with her family.

Marisela Roman

Cost Accountant

D: 561-200-0088 X 202

Mrs. Roman joined Optima in February 2018. She is a part of the Accounting Department in Florida and handles the Interface. Marisela attended Florida Atlantic University and graduated with a Business Management degree. Marisela enjoys crafting.

Allyson Saca

Marketing Support & Development Manager

D: 925-338-2306
C: 925-708-7021

Ms. Saca joined Optima in March 2017 in the California office. She is the Marketing Support & Development Manager, supporting the sales organization with marketing, educational training, and overall promoting Optima in the market place. Allyson received her B.A at Whittier College and went on to earn a M.A. from Seton Hall University. In her free time, Allyson enjoys golfing and visiting museums.

Sandra Simeus

Accounting Manager

D: 561-200-0088 X 201

Nancy Simpson

Office Administrator

D: 925-338-2300

Mrs. Simpson joined Optima (then Oxbow) as a part-time employee in June 2004, and became a full-time employee in December 2004. Nancy manages the entire California office, and beyond.