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Optima Steel International is open, with all Sales and Staff working a hybrid schedule. To get in touch with any OSI contact, please call their direct office line, as all lines continue to be forwarded. If you need assistance reaching any OSI contact, please call 925-338-2300.


Through many relationships with both foreign and domestic steel producers, Optima Steel International (Optima) has a long and successful track record of providing the highest quality steel to its customers. Optima acknowledges that there may be quality issues, though, with any steel provided. In such cases, the Claims Department handles each issue according to the Claims Policy.

Some minor short-length issues may be encountered and are normal. Since these issues can be expected to clear up in a “short length”, with the instruction of the Claims Department, customers might be asked to process up to 10% of the coil’s weight. In the event that a disagreeable feature fails to clear up, the customer will ask for the process to be stopped, take clear photos showing the defect, and cut a sample of the defect. Please notify the Claims Department as soon as possible for further instructions.

If the need arises, the in-house Quality Manager is able to dissect each issue and make educated suggestions regarding causes and remedies. For more information and clarification of all Optima’s Claims procedures, please review the Claims Policy, or email 

Optima Claims Policy & Procedure